Our Standard Modules – in depth CSR training ready to use

We offer ready-to-use standard modules covering a range of different topics around CSR. If you would like to train your employees right away and raise their awareness and increase their knowledge within one specific CSR area, our standard modules are the perfect tool for you to achieve your aim.

Our currently available modules include:

  • Human Rights Explained
  • Managing Human Rights
  • Understanding Human Rights
  • Anti-Corruption for Managers
  • Anti-Corruption for Employees

In addition, we constantly expand the range of topics covered and work on new modules. Should you wish to train your employees on a CSR topic not listed here, please contact us.

All standard modules have been developed by experts within the field of CSR. Many years of practical experience and cutting edge theoretical knowledge have been combined to create the optimal content - keeping it easy to understand and applicable to daily business processes.

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