LearnCSRTM is a smart, fast and effective way to learn about CSR!

With the introduction of the Area9 Content Curation LabTM platform, you no longer have to accept the one-size-fits-nobody approach to eLearning. This powerful platform provides your training managers and marketers with a structure to create individualized and adaptive content.

Higher quality, more efficient and convenient learning experiences are just a few of the benefits your learners will experience while working through content in a Content Curation LabTM platform.

Content Curation LabTM offers a market leading platform for adaptive eLearning and knowledge mapping. Using intelligent and adaptive software, learning is approached in a smarter way, enabling people to learn and retain information quicker and better, while providing a detailed overview of learners' knowledge and knowledge gaps.

By doing so, Content Curation LabTM makes the learning experience far more efficient and becomes a powerful tool for training where a certain level of demonstrated proficiency is required and retention of learned material is critical.

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