Customized Modules: Making CSR applicable to your context

Customized modules provide an opportunity to adapt generic CSR content to your context. They are ideal when introducing your company's internal CSR strategy or guidelines.

Customized Modules: Making CSR applicable to your context

We are ready to assist you by developing customized eLearning modules on exactly the CSR topic necessary in your organisation. Based on your policies and strategies, we support you in identifying the ideal content for your own module and help you transform it into learning objectives, challenging quizzes and meaningful learning resources.

Content from our standard modules on e.g. the UN Global Compact, human rights or anti-corruption can be customized to serve specific training purposes in your organisation and to be in line with your visual identity.

Make your own modules

Using either new or existing content, the simple software can be managed by internal training managers and is easy to update. To facilitate the design process, the software offers robust multimedia integration capabilities including photo, audio and video. This way you can be directly involved in the customization of eLearning modules that fit your requirements.

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