Examples of LearnCSRTM’s successful implementation:

LearnCSRTM has successfully been implemented in companies around the globe. These include:

LM Wind Power

Using a customized module LM Wind Power has adapted our standard anti-corruption modules to their context and operation. Today LM Wind Power has trained more than 1000 employees and managers on how to avoid corrupt practices in their daily operations.

"Our employees find it professional and easy to navigate, and we can track their progress on an ongoing basis, which ensures a fast and thorough implementation."
Jesper Ritz, Head of Global Human Resources, LM Wind Power
IC Group

IC Group makes use of our standard modules on anti-corruption to train both management and employees. In total the company is targeting app. 700 people annually.

"LearnCSR is a strong vehicle to help us implement our policy on anti-corruption throughout the business. We develop the capacity of our employees and managers to prevent and mitigate corrupt practices from affecting our business."
Morten Lehmann, Corporate CR Manager, IC Group

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